Our diverse group of 60+ employees possess a wide range of capabilities, allowing them to engage in a wide range of tasks.

Experts in system integration and adaptation, they tailor complete systems to meet the unique needs of our customers.


  • System Integrations: manufacture, assemble, and deliver full turn-key subassemblies, multidisciplinary systems building, and integration based on Gevasol group abilities.
  • Representation and service: representing, selling, and servicing high vacuum tools, pumps, leak detectors, gauges, components, and beyond.

Our facilities include:

  • Supply chain department
  • Class1000 clean rooms
  • Warehouse
  • Subassembly department
  • Cleaning facility for small and large parts


Quality is our top priority. From receiving to delivery, we conduct the necessary tests according to both the manufacturers’ and customers’ standards.

We also comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, and our quality management system is continuously monitored to maintain and improve our high standards.

We carry the ISO 9001 quality certification and work toward other certifications.





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