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We’re Applied Materials’ Outstanding Supplier in the Field of Quality.

During Applied Materials‘ Global Supplier Conference, Odem was awarded an outstanding Israeli supplier in the field of quality. Eyal Peer, Odem’s CEO, wrote a heartfelt thank-you letter. Here goes: 

Dear Odem family,

Being part of Applied Materials PDC’s leading suppliers pool is both challenging and empowering.

Applied Materials Israel specializes in developing and manufacturing systems for semiconductor manufacturing control, which is one of the essential activities of Applied Materials worldwide.

Today, almost all chips in the world go through the manufacturing process using Applied Materials’ advanced machines, developed and produced in Israel.

Odem has been a true partner to Applied Materials for over two decades. Like our other customers, it pushes us beyond our comfort zone to adjust and advance to market demands.

Over the past three years, as part of our company’s strategy, we have taken several significant steps to improve and progress, such as upgrading systems, tools, and software, optimizing workforce allocation, and enhancing operational efficiency.

The fruition of those efforts is receiving the “Excellence in Quality” award for 2023 from a company like Applied Materials.

Receiving the “Excellence in Quality” is a testament to our professionalism, operational excellence, and desire to succeed and serve. It reflects our company’s spirit, camaraderie, and drive to accomplish meaningful things.

Yesterday, when I stepped on stage upon the surprising announcement, I felt as excited as a child and, first and foremost, proud of all of you – my people.

You have done and continue to do the hard and excellent work! Kudos to all of you!

As I mentioned, receiving the “Excellence in Quality” award is a great honor and achievement! 

However, it also comes with the responsibility to maintain high standards, uncompromising quality, prioritize the customer, and exhibit flexibility and agility to adapt to customer demands and market conditions at any cost!

Always strive for innovation. The burden of proof is upon us!

Yours warmly, Eyal